Stagnation is definitely not what defines social media. Moving, changing, evolving – this is what best describes this expanding ecosystem of countless apps.

Just five months ago, Twitter introduced yet another brand new app; Vine – a short-video service allowing users to record 6 seconds of film before posting it on the social medium.

Vine received about 20 million users in five months. Michael Sippey, Twitter’s vice president of Vine, said that the new service was not only attractive to existing Twitter users, but was also able to draw brand new users to the microblogging platform too. ‘Any tweet that has photo or video in it will drive engagement’, he stated.

Fast, mobile and simple; this is the rationale behind Vine’s initial success. ‘If you give people simple tools to tell stories’, Sippey further says, ‘they’ll tell really great stories’.

Vine’s reach even arrived as far up as the White House, which used the service to publish a video of Obama pedaling a bike-powered water filtration system: vine

Not surprisingly, Facebook too recently integrated its very own short-video service this last June, built-in its video-sharing application, Instagram.

The Facebook service facilitates the entire video-making process – with a click to record and another to publish instantly – and allows for 15 seconds of video to be posted each time.

Video-recording, viewing and sharing are becoming essential activities of the increasingly mobile social media user. According to Onavo Insights, a mobile market intelligence research company, there are, today, about one in 10 iPhone users in the United States with the Vine app, and more than one in three with Instagram.

This short-video format put forward by the two social media giants thus ingeniously answers the need to have a mobile, efficient and fast way of conveying messages through the mobile picture.

These short video services also present very big potential for video ads and promotional efforts. Businesses could use the mediums to convey key messages to other parties, whether these are consumers or business partners, in a timely manner.

Vine and the Facebook service are brand new additions to the social media platforms, and it is only a matter of time before their features become faster and more efficient.


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