The Social Media Sharing Avalanche

The Social Media Sharing Avalanche

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The Social Media Sharing Avalanche

Social media is all about sharing. Social media users share photos, videos, links, information, news, and many other pieces of content that cover virtually all aspects of their lives. This sharing snow ball is only getting bigger and bigger; developing what can be called a phenomenal sharing avalanche.

The numbers

Facebook has over 1 billion users at the time of writing, while Twitter has over 200 million users and Google+ over 40 million users. To visualize these numbers, it is useful to know that there are 100 times more Facebook accounts than people actually living in a crowded urban area, like New York City.

What is even more interesting is that almost a quarter of all the time spent online by Internet users is used for being connected to social media sites and sharing. By comparison, online games eat only almost 10% of the time spent online.

In only one minute of social media activity, here is what happens:

–        People upload 48 hours of videos on YouTube

–        People upload about 3,500 photos on Flickr

–        500,00 status updates take place on Facebook

–        1,000 posts are uploaded on Tumblr

–        2,000 people log in on Foursquare

The numbers climb even higher when it comes to pictures. In august 2011, it was recorded that 6 billion photos had been uploaded on Flickr. Today, Google+ has thus far a total of 3.4 billion photos uploaded on its site. Finally, every single day, Facebook sees 250 million pictures getting uploaded on its site every single day. Pictures are hence a very powerful way to communicate online.

Simply put, if a country was to accommodate all Facebook accounts; that country would rank right after China and India in total population – the two biggest nations in the world. What is even more important is that this virtual Facebook country is expected to exceed the population of these two countries in just a very short time…

Social media for business

Social networks are not just for youngsters wanting to share their photos and thoughts with their friends. Businesses have also become more involved in this environment, especially after research has shown that 70% of all adults that use social media also do a lot of shopping online. Among those that use three or more digital research methods, 60% admit that they make a purchase after they are convinced by the comments posted on social media sites regarding a particular product. Also, 53% of these active adult users follow a brand on social media networks like Facebook.

However, social media can turn against them if businesses do not use it carefully. For instance, 44% of all unlikes on Facebook are due to spam posting from brands; 24% are due to too many promotional posts, while 21% unfollows on Twitter happen because of the same reason. Thus businesses have to really ‘master the art’ of using social media channels if they want to capitalize on their business power.

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