Social Media Quotes-No8

Social Media Quotes-No8

Social Media Quote-No 8

‘Many businesses today live and die by consumer opinion and word-of-mouth reputation. And that’s why the smartest businesses will monitor, measure, analyse and tap this ecosystem for every relevant insight that might shape their business strategy.’


In this age of social media prevalence, what people say about your business will have a direct and fast impact on your business.

As one opinion online can reach millions of other connected users, companies do no longer have strong long-lasting walls to protect themselves behind.

Even the smallest of comments posted online matters today, as it can spread itself like wildfire and make itself heard out loud.

This is why businesses today need to focus much of their attention on their customers and what they say about them.

Today, being transparent with customers is the most effective way of forging positive relations with them.

Hiding dark truths and attempts at manipulating the public are actions that are more and more threatened by social media, as those who uncover these truths can now share them with the rest of the world.

As any piece of news can now be transferred to all corners of the world through a snowball effect via social media tools, reality is are getting harder for organizations to burry away from the public’s eye.

Thus, as social media further expands and more users get connected to brands online, businesses that are true to their brand and willing to engage positively with their customers will come out as the winners of the Internet revolution.

Creating and nurturing a stable community of satisfied customers and supporters through transparency, trust and openness is the most efficient way forward and the most effective way to take full advantage of social technology’s business advantages.

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