SOCIAL MEDIA QUOTE_HARBISSON   “Life will be much more exciting when we stop creating applications for mobile phones and we start creating applications for our own body.” — Neil Harbisson

Can our bodies one day replace our smartphones? Can our bodies become more technologically apt?   This quote by Neil Harbisson is quite an interesting one in that it underlines the possibility of shifting remote controlling from our smartphones to our own bodies. If we look at social technologies, we can see how they have manifested themselves through different phases. Today, we are still very much anchored within the mobile phase, with applications still being designed mostly for smartphones. The wave of wearables, however, has already begun. A plethora of different wearable gadgets have already been developed and can already be found on the market. Google Glass, for example, is a portable computer in the form of eye glasses.

Samsung Galaxy Gear is a portable computer in the form of a watchband. Nike+ FuelBand SE is a motion and activity tracker, in the form of a wristband. Memoto is a camera and GPS that can record everything around you, at any time, taking the form of a pendant. Leap Motion is a gesture-recognition technology that allows you to give commands to your devices through hand gestures. Neil Harbisson, the author of this quote, is a color blind artist who was able to turn color into audible frequencies through the use of a device attached to his head. As impossible as this may sound, he can now hear colors. If you’d like to know a bit more about this groundbreaking technology, you can hear him speak on TED at

To conclude, all of these different examples – among many more – show how technological innovation is gradually incorporating the body. This new wave of body and technology merging really promises to open up a world of opportunities that would have been virtually impossible to think of just a few years ago. This, in turn, and as Neil Harbisson states, is surely to create a more exciting, opportunity-filled world for all.

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