SOCIAL MEDIA QUOTE – Simon Mainwaring

SOCIAL MEDIA QUOTE – Simon Mainwaring

Social media quote   One of the greatest challenges companies face in adjusting to the impact of social media, is knowing where to start.Simon Mainwaring Simon Mainwaring makes a very important point when it comes to integrating the growing potential of social media within business. Managers are often overwhelmed by social media and the world it opens business to. Social media is a constantly-changing world of applications, with some becoming less popular, some more popular and new ones emerging all the time; thus it is important to know where to begin. Where can managers start?

  1. What do you know about social media? Starting by gathering your team and discussing what they already know and do not know about social media is a key first step. Your employees will probably know different aspects and be at different stages when it comes to social media. It is thus useful to understand the team level, and create a ‘common language’ that all departments – from the IT to the marketing one – can use to discuss social media opportunities. You will need the input of virtually all of your departments to develop a resourceful and fruitful social media project; hence creating a solid, common base that everyone can build on is one of the very first steps to take.
  2. Why do you want to use social media? There is no point using it just for the sake of using it. Opening a Facebook or Twitter account without any rationale behind will not take your business any step ahead. It may, in fact, bring more problems than benefits. It is crucial to ask yourself what you want your business to get out of from social media. Is it to enhance internal communication? Is it to create a more cohesive cross-geographical community for your employees to work in? Is it to generate more leads? Is it to facilitate research and development? Or is it to find out what customers want to improve in your business? Having a clear purpose for your project is the single most important aspect to think about before engaging in any social media endeavor, and laying out social media goals to everyone in the company from the start will avoid any confusion in the future.

Considering these two points is crucial to get you started. Avoiding them will probably create a host of risks that your organization will need to face as you move along your project. Creating a common language for your organization and clear goals for your social media project are thus two key steps to take before engaging in any social media activity.

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