‘I love [the social media industry] because it exists at the intersection of technology and humanity’. Jeremy Waite, Head of Social Strategy, Adobe.

This quote by Jeremy Waite, identifying the core of what social media is all about, is a very interesting one and highly relevant to the business world.

Technology – social media is all about tech. As social media platforms mushroom, the opportunities of what can be done technologically are increasingly widening. Creating a video in a few seconds, uploading a song instantly, publishing an online magazine, digitalizing a book, developing a website, sending information through Cloud technology and accessing emails on the move are all activities that are not only possible to conduct today, but also very easy to do through the plethora of evolving social media sites.

Humanity – all these tech opportunities that the social media industry is offering is also creating a range of possibilities for humanity. The ability to channel education online to developing countries, the possibility to outsource key information from different places for all to see, the opportunity for anyone to crowd fund and materialize a project, the ability to brainstorm and share scientific ideas regardless of physical boundaries, the ability to work on and build a project cross-geographically, the possibilities to share information, news and views instantly, transparently and from anywhere, among other prospects, have all meant a huge world of opportunities for humankind. We are growing into a world where it is easier, faster and cheaper to make the world a better, more connected, more transparent and more efficient place.

The business world – The ramifications of this for businesses are huge. A more transparent, open and connected world means that businesses can no longer hide behind their advertising banners or depend solely on big-budget marketing efforts. Businesses today need to move along with this new world and be transparent, ethical and helping themselves. Any action or sign of irresponsibility, deception or unethical behavior has, today, the potential of being discovered by the millions of social media users, who, in turn, have the power to diffuse this information to the world instantly, widely and at no cost at all. Thus, businesses need to enter and adapt to this new citizen-led age of transparency and openness.

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