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A Bible for Social Media

Nigel Warwick

It's a cliché, but this is a Bible for businesses interested in using social media. It contains all of the basics and all of the ideas, but at the same time proposes strategies and concrete systems to help you actually start implementing social media for whichever end result you need to...Read More

Worth 100 times what you paid

Alex Mandossian

The Diagram on page 149 is worth 100 times what you paid for the book. Grab your mouse and get a few copies for yourself, your team (or family) before your competitors.Read More

Great Support for you social media aspirations

Thomas Power

Steve Nicholls clearly understands the impact that social media is having and will have on businesses in the future. "Social Media in Business" is a must-read for managers seeking to introduce social media into their organizations. I like how he has simplified what is often a complex and...Read More

A Must for Managers and CEOs!

Tim Grier

Social Media is not just the 'next big thing' anymore – rather it is the current big thing as well as the future big thing. Unfortunately it seems that too many CEOs and managers are simply not aware of this fact, and are squandering the opportunities that can be found through...Read More

A Deeper Insight into the Potential of Social Media

Hitendra Patel

Social Media in Business is a great book and course to introduce social media for the CEO or manager who hasn't quite yet come to terms with how to implement this alien new trend into his own business strategies. It's not just a 'guide' to sites like Facebook and how to make a Facebook Page...Read More

Wonderful Edition to any Business

Brandie Gautreaux

This book is a wonderful edition to any business who is interested in and needing to employ social media within their business plans. Nicholls uses to prove the successes of social media for a particular businesses as well as visual references to better understand the overall goal for...Read More

I've seen many strategies for implementing social media...

Marisa Peacock

... but Nicholls' 3-CORE Project Success System might be one of my favorites, if only because it starts with asking questions that force the reader to understand the outcomes they hope to achieve. He doesn't give business managers an opportunity to just say "I want 1 million followers,...Read More

Gems of advanced thought, even for the experts in the trade.

Babu George

One of the distinguishing marks of this book for practitioners is the inclusion of a large number of case studies. Some of these discuss about companies for whom social media is the business while some discuss about the social media strategies of more traditional businesses. These case...Read More

An insightful presentation...

Tony Harrington

Steve's presentation to our members "Social Media in Business: Opportunities and Challenges" was insightful. The framework that Steve uses to illustrate Social Media strategy makes the subject clearer and more manageable. I particularly enjoyed his examples of organizational collaboration –...Read More