A Must for Managers and CEOs!

Social Media is not just the ‘next big thing’ anymore – rather it is the current big thing as well as the future big thing. Unfortunately it seems that too many CEOs and managers are simply not aware of this fact, and are squandering the opportunities that can be found through social media.

I’m someone who knows a thing or two about social media and how it can be used effectively to improve both the internal communication of a business and its marketing abilities. However, for all those managers who aren’t taking advantage of this – Steve’s book is an absolute ‘must read’.

‘Social Media in Business’ is in fact a wake-up call to anyone who is currently blind to the potential of ‘the social web’. It contains countless case studies, a very powerful framework for the structured integration and management of social media, and a rich number of references for further reading and learning. If you’re on the fence then rest assured that buying this book is likely to be a very good investment.