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The course is designed to help you understand the ever changing Digital / Social Media landscape. There are so many applications out there it is useful to understand the most popular applications and how they might apply to your business.

This course – Digital Technologies, answers these question marks for you in a methodical way. In the first part of Digital Technologies; Guide for Business, you will find out what digital technologies can offer to business through the 16 business opportunities matrix. This crucial matrix is categorized along four main opportunities; communication, collaboration, communities and collective intelligence.
This course – Digital Technologies will describe each category and how it can benefit business in unprecedented ways. It will, furthermore, dive into each category and explore in detail different opportunity areas within each, as well as present you with examples of the different social tech applications you could start using today.

The second part of this course – Digital Technologies is a selection of key case studies that have been chosen to best illustrate each opportunity area. These real-life examples will provide you with interesting success stories upon which a lot can be learnt, business models re-designed and inspiration found. Some of these key case studies have acted as unparalleled game-changers within their industries, completely re-defining the rules of the game and bringing once-upon giants to their downfall.
So whether you are an entrepreneur, manager, technology enthusiast or simply someone who does not want to lag behind everyone else – this eBook is for you. Learn how to bring in social technology to the core of your business and turn your business into a well-connected, efficient and successful organization.

The course is suitable for business people and management that are expected to know something of the subject but do not have time to keep up-to-date with all of what is going on.
Easy to learn framework that is not only easy to remember but will help you to categorize new applications or companies got the Business-to-Business Market place. The course covers four main sections and can be completed in less than 3 hours in small chunks of 3-5 mins over the duration of the course.

The Quick and Easy way to understand Digital and Social Technologies accompanies by Ebook(100 Pages) – Digital Technologies – Guide for Business (currently available on Amazon) see:

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Digital Technologies – Guide for Business: Available from and . All Available as an online training Course on Udemy .  The rest of the series to follow in early 2016