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This is the second of our ‘Objects Are Getting Smarter And Smarter’ articles, following part 1 which discussed a range of interesting, smart gadgets to watch out for.

This part 2 is all about wearable tech. The recent field of wearable computers is the next wave of social. First, we connected to each other through personal computers (PCs) and then, mobile technology kicked in with its many tablets and smartphones – which are today virtually overtaking the role of PCs.

The field of wearable computers is one that is still burgeoning, but the advancements that have been made in that area so far are already spectacular.

A variety of devices have been devised by a range of different companies to be worn seamlessly, effortlessly and almost naturally onto you as an accessory.

With more and more efforts being made in this field, it is really a matter of time before the consumer’s mindset is re-adapted to these new possibilities, and before we gradually incorporate these into our everyday lives.

So, as always, we advise you to watch out for the latest technology in wearable computing and to that end, we have compiled a little list for you of the state of the art in that field so you do not lose sight of what is going on at the moment:


  • Nike+ FuelBand SE: designed by Nike, this piece of technology is a wristband that allows you to track your motion and activities and turn these into measurable data. The latter can then be shared and compared with others on your social networks, along with pictures of your activities. Nike+ FuelBand SE also allows you to create communities and engage in group tracking and competitions.
  • Misfit Shine: designed by Misfit Wearables, this is another wearable tech object for fitness purposes that can be worn anywhere on you by clipping it to any part of your clothing. Just like the Nike+ FuelBand SE and other fitness trackers, it works to track fitness activities and to turn these into measurable data.
  • Google Glass: Google is not the only one working on computer eyewear. Nissan 3E Looks is, for instance, another similar type of eyewear tech. These computers allow wearers to access the net in real-time, through their eyes, and will also possibly be able to be fitted onto prescription glasses and sunglasses as well.
  • Galaxy Gear: here again, Samsung is not the only one working on smart watches; computers that seamlessly incorporated into fashionable hand watches. Omate, Sony, Google and others are also working on their own smart watches.
  • Memoto: this is a tiny camera and GPS that can be worn as a pendant around your neck and that automatically takes photos as you move. Memoto seeks to take away the efforts put into stopping, posing and taking photos and to make sure each moment is recorded into a picture and that no single moment is missed. Pictures can then be shared on social media networks.
  • Leap Motion and Flutter: these are two examples of the emerging gesture-recognition technology. This type of technology goes beyond wearable by making you part of the technology too. How? By simply waiving your hands and making easy gestures, you are able to control actions on your devices such as accepting calls and managing music, among others. Remember Minority Report? Well, just like that!


As you can see, the field of wearable technology is gradually increasing with various objects coming onto the market. However, we still need to see which of these technologies will become mainstream…

Remember, this is not an exhaustive list and many other things are happening in this field so stay tuned to our upcoming articles that will get you up to speed with the latest innovations!


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