Web Summit – Lisbon 2017



Steve Nicholls (TechXB) with Francisco  of Pavnext   Pavnext is a Technological Pavements Company. Pavnext converts with a very high efficiency the energy harvested from vehicles into electrical energy. As the target implementation areas consist of speed reduction areas, Pavnext makes use of an energy that otherwise would be lost. As so, it recycles a wasted energy into clean electrical energy. As Pavnext is implemented in the road pavement, it has a privileged position to monitor traffic and speed, and since it generated and delivers electrical energy it can also monitor these. Combining all the information, it makes use of it to optimize energy consumptions in real time in a unique way. The World Health Organization defines excessive speed as the main cause of road accidents. Current solutions to reduce vehicle speeds are all depending on the driver' action. Pavnext presents the first solution that will reduce vehicles' speed without any driver action and, at the same time, without affect or interfere with ride quality.   Go to Link to company Pavnext