Web Summit – Lisbon 2017

Time Buzzer


Steve Nicholls (TechXB) with Kristoph  of Time Buzzer   In many companies, time recording is a necessary but unpopular topic. Employees lose a lot of time for the acquisition itself, and many subsequently recorded times lead to inaccurate data and invoices, and many items are thereby overlooked. TimeBuzzer will change this for the better. With a buzzer, the user is able to quickly navigate through the timeBuzzer App on his computer.Using the Buzzer is fun, and will motivates you to record your time. The buzzer operation is quick and simple. There's no need to perform the typical manual recording of times every Friday afternoon - a cumbersome task that nearly everyone has already experienced. timeBuzzer saves the employee time and headaches, and provides actual savings for the company. Individual templates can be used to record times for projects, customers, cost centers or other freely definable items. All the times recorded for a team are consolidated in the timeBuzzer Cloud, and can also be evaluated there. A connection to third-party solutions such as project management or invoicing software is also possible. Go to Link to company Time Buzzer