Web Summit – Lisbon 2017

DP Organizer


Steve Nicholls (TechXB) with Sebastian Norling (Cofounder & CTO)  of DP Organizer  

DPOrganizer provides an innovative data protection management software, supporting companies to map, visualize, report and manage processing of personal data. In May 2018, GDPR comes into play, which changes the way business have to handle personal data. DPOrganizer helps businesses embrace this change.

The story of DPOrganizer begins with the  founder and CEO’s experience as a data protection lawyer and Data Protection Officer. Before DPOrganizer, privacy professionals have been struggling with keeping track of how personal data is processed in an organisation. Without a management system to support the work, it has been a challenge to create a mapping and to keep it updated, to find the right information quickly to deal with questions that arise, to visualize data flows and chains of responsibilities, and to produce reports that in a comprehensible manner explain the organisation’s data processing to internal and external parties. That is why  DPOrganizer was created.

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