Web Summit – Lisbon 2017



Steve Nicholls (TechXB) with Thomas   of Defspider  

DefSpider is an innovative solution from Cybersecurity and it meets the insecurity concerns that companies have while facing the world threats nowadays, with a strong appellative: extremely low costs for the urgent needs of countless companies in the world, contributing with its fight against the growing criminal threats of the digital world.

Cybersecurity foresees a series of analysis and measures and focus, primarily, the attacks that are allowed by the network connection between the company and the world. The DefSpider solution was developed to allow the validation of diverse safety configurations that are needed to guarantee a safe web environment. This tool allows any company, big, medium, small or micro, besides the liberal professionals (lawyers, doctors, bloggers, etc..) worldwide, to make verifications in a simple way and it continues the effective monitoring of the environment, with a low cost.

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