Web Summit – Lisbon 2017



Steve Nicholls (TechXB) with Thomas Vanhove, CEO  of Tengu Tengu is an automation platform created for big data teams that love open-source technologies. By using Tengu, there is no more need to manually install, configure or integrate the technologies required. This allows you to immediately focus on conceptualization, business intelligence and less on operations. In just a few clicks, Tengu delivers a digital work environment which makes it easy to deploy and manage a combined set of tools such as complex virtual clusters, storage, processing, analysis or visualization technologies. 260+ big data technologies installed and configured in virtually no time, thanks to automation. The automation framework as core of the Tengu Platform, is leveraged by the open-source community. Together with the community we develop "charms" or automation scripts which can basically automate all tiny steps in the big data deployment. Tengu already supports major existing big data technologies but can add new technologies in just a few days, keeping the Tengu platform always up-to-date.   Go to Link to company Tengu.io