Web Summit – Dublin 2015

Travelers Box


Interviewer Steve Nicholls (TechXB) with Tomer Zussman(CEO) of Traveler Box   TravelersBox is an innovative service that helps you make the most of your leftover foreign currency. Forget about wasting your spare foreign change on useless things on the way to the airport, or taking it home where it’ll collect dust in a jar. Instead, deposit any amount of your leftover currency at a TravelersBox kiosk to redeem gift cards from brands like Starbucks, Skype, iTunes, Google Play and others. You can also deposit your foreign money directly into your PayPal account, or donate it. It's a fast, simple way to use your leftover foreign change wisely. Find TravelersBox at airports in Canada, Italy, Philippines, Georgia (Tbilisi), Israel and Turkey.   Link to company Travelers Box