Web Summit – Dublin 2015



Interviewer Steve Nicholls (TechXB) with Yvan Gravier (General Manager) of Xee

Thanks to XeeConnect, it's easy to take advantage of all your vehicle's data. Simply connect it to your car's diagnostic port and go! Accelerometer, GPS chip, technical information — the data that you would like to use are ent to your smartphone through the Bluetooth or mobile network. XeeConnect is compatible with most cars manufactured after 2002. Reclaim control of your car in a single app! With the Xee app, you can track your car, receive alert messages, become aware of problems, and more. The Xee app analyses your car's data and puts them to work for you! The Xee app remotely analyses and interprets your car's data in real time. Experience the car of the future now with Xee!With XeeConnect, your car is connected !

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