Web Summit – Dublin 2014

Sentia Analytics


Interviewer Steve Nicholls (TechXB) with Mads Ingwar of Sentia Analytics

Sentia Analytics is big data analysis for your retail store.  Sent provide state of the art business intelligence to give insights that help optimise sales and boost your revenue.  Sentia link individual purchases to customer behaviour. Sentia Analytics integrates with your existing CCTV cameras and Point-of-Sales system to analyse shopper behaviour. We use state of the art video analysis to visualise how shoppers move in your store.  The dashboard shows shopper engagement, movement, and paths taken within your store. This gives actionable metrics such as: Accurate number of customers, location of  customers, conversion rate for your store, bounce rate and lost customers, queue time and staff allocation... and  help you improve your store layout and retail displays.

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