Web Summit – Dublin 2014



Interviewer Steve Nicholls (TechXB) with Afzal Amijee of Vimodi   Vimodi is a novel iPad app that lets you discuss ideas flexibly. In Vimodi you can assemble and transform existing media (presentations, photos and videos) into engaging and responsive visual discussions. Anytime. Anywhere. How many times have we all sat through a presentation when it should just have been a conversation? Most meetings are conversations, yet time and time again we see linear presentation tools being used in small meetings.   Vimodi has a unique nonlinear viewer and was designed so that content conforms to the discussion - and not the other way around. Its distinctive feature is that it lets you discuss content non-linearly rather than the linear format of PowerPoint or KeyNote. Perfect for business meetings, sales meetings or teaching where you want to keep the discussion open yet know in advance what the key areas for discussion should be. Vimodi's goal is to offer users a smart visual conversation tool so they can engage and connect faster with their audiences. Go to Link to company  Vimodi