Web Summit – Dublin 2013



Interviewer Steve Nicholls (Social Media in Business) with Werner Weihs-Sediv (CEO) of Twingz.     The intelligence of things. Twingz makes the Web Of Things (WoT) available for consumers and seaminglessly integrates it into everyday’s consumers lives. There are already numerous apps for smartphones and tablets on the market, which can be used to monitor or even control many things in life. The idea behind it: The handling is easier, more comfortable and to make it more efficient especially with things in everyday life. So there’s an app for this, an app for that and an app for that. What has all this to do with twingz? With a few simple steps one can achieve great effects, surprisingly, by the intelligent combination of various data and things. And the best part: the twingz-App is enormously versatile, intelligent and easy to use. The future belongs to the Internet of Things. That is, things networking to support people in everyday life almost imperceptibly. With twingz the future is now the present, we can think of things to independently communicate and interact intelligently in order to offer a meaningful value. More efficiency. More comfort. More profit.       

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