Web Summit – Dublin 2013



Interviewer Steve Nicholls (Social Media in Business) with Shy Rosenzweig (CEO) of Meetey Meetey brings social networking to your neighborhood, giving you a better look of the area you live and spend most of your time in.  Founded in 2012 in Tel Aviv, Israel, Meetey is a location-based social network aimed at bringing neighbors together. Whether you're looking for a romantic relationship, new friends, or even the closest plumber in times of an emergency, Meetey makes it easy. What events are taking place in the area? What shops or restaurants are nearby? Get all the information you're looking for about your neighborhood. Though still a young startup, Meetey is growing exponentially as thousands of users sign up to join a network that gives them an actual added value while still being a fun and social environment.  Specialties: Social Networking, Location based modules, iPhone application, Android Application

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