Web Summit – Dublin 2013



Interviewer Steve Nicholls (Social Media in Business) with Albert Szulman   (CEO & founder) of Be-bound . Founded in 2011, Be-Bound was at first a simple idea: allowing everybody to stay always connected, anywhere in the world! To access Be-Bound’s service, smartphone users only have to download Be-Bound’s free mobile app, that includes services for emails, weather forecasts, news, economics, geolocated services and even Twitter. The use of Be-Bound remains free when you’re connected to the Internet via Wi-Fi or 3G. Be-Bound service uses a tiny fraction of your data bandwidth, and allows you to reduce your mobile data costs. When there is no data network available, Be-Bound’s service works with text messages and pre-paid credits (Be-Miles), reducing your roaming’s fees. Be-Bound’s vision is to allow every smartphone user to stay always connected and be part of the mobile revolution!  

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