Web Summit – Dublin 2013

Like You


Interviewer Steve Nicholls (Social Media in Business) with Christian Vino (Lead Software Engineer) of Like you. Imagine you are at a concert, attending a lecture or at your favourite cafe and you want to find out more about the interesting people in your direct surroundings. That’s what likeyou is for. Chat with awesome people in your direct surroundings.People in your direct surrounding can only see the information about you, that you want them to see. Usually that is your profile picture (some gallery pictures) and a note that you leave on your profile. Further information of your other networks can only be seen according to your settings in other networks (e.g.: facebook privacy settings). As soon as you are friends you can show your facebook posts or your latest instagram feed, if you want to. That’s the point when you get to know each other ... and become real friends.  Available for free in the Apple App Store and Google Play Store   

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