Web Summit – Dublin 2013

Hand in scan


Interviewer Steve Nicholls (Social Media in Business) with Tamas Haidegger, Phd (CEO) of Hand in Scan.   The Hand-in-Scan mission is to effectively reduce nosocomial infections through introducing objective monitoring of hand hygiene performance The Hungarian team and its international partners develop, validate and commercialize a hand hygiene system—named Hand-in-Scan—for the direct and objective evaluation and control of hand washing. The original idea—to use a non-invasive UV-marked commercial alcoholic hand rub—leave the medical hand washing workflow intact, and digital imaging and image processing was introduced to objectively determine the effectiveness of one’s hand washing technique. Images are taken in the prototype box that gives repeatable and immediate measurement of hand washing quality, based on the UV traces of the solution. The Budapest University of Technology and Economics’ (Hand in Scan) spin-off company, together with the Semmelweis University and the Austrian Center for Medical Innovation and Technology (Hand in Scan) had been working on the system for two years, and now acquiring Venture Capital investment for conquering the international market.  

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