Learning Hub


TechXB Learning Hub

Available anytime and from anywhere, the Learning Hub is our secure and user-friendly training platform. The platform was originally developed to allow diverse groups of participants at business schools, easy access to Academy resources.

In addition to being a delivery mechanism for and learning, the Learning Hub is also designed to provide support to prevent the typical drop out rate of 90-95% for online courses. Our courses are designed to maintain engagement between participants by using accountability systems. Group courses are deployed as appropriate to develop tech. collaboration skills and Q&A’s help answer a wide range of course queries.

The Learning Hub also offers quizzes as part of each course so that participants can be assessed and monitor themselves on their own progress.

Key benefits:

Clarity, ease of access and relevance deliver motivated and capable students.

The Learning Hub is available at any time via PCs and any mobile devices including smartphones and tablets. People signed up to the Learning Hub gain instant access to:

  • Video Modules
  • Documents linked to each module
  • Discussions and online forums
  • Interesting Quizzes
  • Question and Answer sessions(Q&A)
  • Progress measuring and monitoring tools
  • Communication with other studentsVideo Modules

The Learning Hub is a gateway to all online resources. Some will keep students abreast of the latest tech. developments. Others will equip them with a crucial common ‘language’, so that when actions are initiated, all pull in the right direction.

TechXB Learning hub -screen shot

Please contact us directly at Steve@techxb.com for more information on tailored courses.