Social Media interviews by BBC Scotland’s Douglas Fraser

Social Media interviews by BBC Scotland’s Douglas Fraser

On Sunday March 11, 2012, Steve Nicholls appeared on BBC Radio’s program Business Scotland with Douglas Fraser to discuss the business benefits of social media. The interview was part of a program that investigated the social media potentials for businesses – mainly the why, how, who, when and where.

Douglas Fraser has been logging on to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and a new Scottish social media site, to find out what it all means for business. A way for staff to waste office time sharing inane chatter with their chums? Or a radical transformation of the way the economy works, and one you can’t afford to ignore?

Nicholls’s contribution to the program explains how companies should fear social media – not because it seems complicated to incorporate it in the business realm, but because by not incorporating it, companies can be left behind very quickly as the internet revolution strengthens. In this interview, you will find out:

• Four key ways through which social media can enhance your business – communication, communities, collaboration and collective intelligence.

• The cost-effective marketing opportunities that certain social media applications offer, such as Twitter and Facebook.

• The lesson to take from the highly successful Groupon example: a company which went from 0 to 12 billion dollars during recession.

“Douglas Fraser brings you the stories and issues making the news in business – from Scotland, the UK, and around the world. Regular interviews with the country’s leading chief executives and in-depth reports on the stories of the week.” BBC Business Scotland


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