Quantum Leap




What is the Quantum Leap about?

Quantum Leap is an implementation program where the objective will be be to realize a measurable leap in one or several key performance indicators for the business or department over a specified period of time.

Quantum Leap is based on one or more of our Core Consulting programs, upon which a bespoke program will be developed with our client, fitted to the needs and dynamics of their workplace. Please visit Our Method section in order to find out more about how we would work with you to design an action plan for you.

What will you get out of Quantum Leap? 

Quantum Leap is composed of four different and customizable core programs, as outlined below. These can be mixed according to our client’s needs. A full Quantum Leap program would integrate each of our core programs into a complete and customized action plan. Please visit each link below to find out more about each core program:

  • Technology Horizon Scanning

  • Business Intelligence

  • Digital Strategy

  • Ideas Management


 How long is Quantum Leap?

The length of the Quantum Leap program will be dependent on the specific core program(s) our client chooses to move forward with, as well as on our client’s goals and resources. We will work together to proceed along a time frame that is suitable for both our client and the program in question. Please consult the Methodology page in section 4 to find out how we would go about devising a plan for your company.


Quantum Leap Core Programs:

Technology Horizon Scanning

The Technology Horizon Scanning program provides management briefings on an ongoing basis to keep our client updated with the latest technological trends.

This program typically takes place in two workshops per year, 6 months apart. The workshops will present our client with what is happening in their marketplace, scanning what is on the horizon for their company and industry in terms of digital technology and innovation.

The workshops will thus help our client make more informed decisions about which direction to take as they look to the future.

A 6-month time gap is needed to see significant changes in the technology landscape; thus running workshops every 6 months is an ideal time frame to allow our client to stay on top of the technology curve. These workshops can be delivered online or face-to-face.

Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence is a program whereby we will provide our client with a digital audit of their organization in order to find out:

  • What their digital assets currently are
  • What digital assets current competitors hold (by looking at competition according to region, product, industry etc.)
  • Who unconventional competitors are and may be in the future
  • An understanding of where our client currently stands within industry competition and what needs to be done to move to the front of the race.
  • An understanding of where our client currently stands in relation to other neighbouring industries that may affect the future success of their organization.

Business intelligence will thus provide the factual information upon which strategy can be based and devised.

Digital Strategy

In this program, we will work with our client to develop a digital strategy that can be applied to a specific department, division or to their company as a whole.

In order to proceed with strategy, we first need to establish a digital audit through the Business Intelligence program. An action plan can thereafter be devised to lay out the steps needed to reach our client’s goals.

The Digital Strategy program will use a step-by-step approach to strategy development in order to reach our client’s goals whilst detecting potential challenges and minimizing risks.

Ideas Management

Ideas Management is a program developed around ideas generation, management and decision-making. It looks at how to develop a platform that will allow our client to:

  • Create and maintain a dialogue over time around digital technology in their organization
  • Create and maintain discussion around technology change
  • Make sure these discussions stay meaningful and fruitful over time
  • Tap into the crowd wisdom of their company, broader suppliers, customers and/or other key groups of people who may be key information resources for their business.

Please contact us directly at Steve@techxb.com for more information on tailored courses.