Momentum Workshop




What are the Momentum Workshops?

The Momentum Workshops represent the second step in the consulting process. Building upon the information output from the Catalyst Seminar, the Momentum Workshops introduce far more customized content to our client, who already acquired a sense of objective by that stage. This could be, for instance, the creation of a high-performance team across different departments, the development of innovation avenues or the need to beat sales targets.

With clearer objectives in perspective, the Momentum Workshops seek to supply a mix of process and content in order to get attendees to answer these objectives. In other words, the purpose of the workshops is to look at what our client wants to achieve through digital technology, and the best ways to do so to optimize success. The workshops will work to bring attendees into agreement as to what the draft goals need to be, and which action plan need to be taken.

What will you get out of the Momentum Workshops?

  • Summarize the findings from the Catalyst Seminar
  • Revisit opportunities and issues around digital technology in business
  • Discuss and generate a set of draft goals for digital technology implementation
  • Identify further analysis that needs to be carried out • Indentify potential projects for implementation
  • Identify key stakeholders

How long are the Momentum Workshops?

Momentum Workshops run along a 1 or 2 day modular program.