Catalyst Seminar





What is the Catalyst Seminar about?

The Catalyst Seminar is our first step, where your company is introduced to the business opportunities offered by digital technologies, as well as the possible risks associated with these.

The content of the seminar is designed to catalyze some new ways of thinking in the organization, shedding light on previously obscure or unexamined areas of digital technology in business.

The seminar further explores how digital technologies are currently perceived and used by senior management team(s). This will help gather different ideas around the subject, as well as identify potential opportunity areas.

This first step will thus be an interactive executive seminar to both brief senior management team(s) about digital technologies in business, and in turn, detect possible opportunity and challenge areas to further examine.


What will you get out of the Catalyst Seminar?

  • Identify areas of the organization where digital technologies could present strategic benefits
  • An improved understanding of the risks and challenges digital technologies could create in your organization
  • Provide a framework for digital opportunities


How long is the Catalyst Seminar?

The catalyst seminar is typically 1 to 2 hours.