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This part of the TechXB Academy is designed for Universities and Business Schools as a full digital business training program for business students. However, company managers, leaders and other staff members wishing to integrate digital technologies within their workplaces can also access this comprehensive program.

What is the course about?

This university program is taught at several US-based Universities, including Baltimore University and The Merrick School of Business, as a full online modular course putting forward the ins and outs of digital technologies and their role in business.

The program is designed to provide a comprehensive grounding of digital technologies in business and covers the subject outlined in the executive briefings in more depth and detail. It looks at both opportunities and risks around digital technologies when applied to business, our digital future and how it will affect today’s business, the need to create a common language upon which the entire organization can kick-start its digital project, and the process of developing a sustainable strategy of digital integration and digital change management, among other facets.

If you are a University or Business School wishing to work with us in providing digital training to your students, please contact us for further details.


   What you will learn?

  • The current and future tech landscapes affecting business
  • What are some of the key technologies you need to keep track of and why
  • The 5 key opportunities afforded by new technologies to business
  • The key risks to think of when using new technologies in your business
  • How to avoid making costly mistakes through mitigation strategies
  • Why do you need to create a common language?
  • How to develop sustainable strategies to integrate digital technologies
  • The different aspects of the 3-CORE Project Success System and how to manage change efficiently


How long is the course?

The program runs through five modules with an elapsed time of 6-8 weeks, and can be tailored in two formats; home study or home study with an optional weekly Q&A.

Students can work at their own rhythm and can access the material from anywhere in the world using our propriety online delivery system, the Tech XB Learning Hub. The material can be also accessed through any mobile device so it can be worked on while on the move, if required. We can also channel the material through your bespoke University delivery system.