The Digital Education program for Leaders and the Workplace

Our TechXB Academy Courses are in 3 main areas:

100 Executive Briefing Series

A carefully prepared suite of tech briefings for – key executives, project teams, entrepreneurs and staff members responsible for the future and long-term strategic goals of the company, focusing on how today’s tech can be applied for competitive advantage.


200 Digital Master Class Series

An integrated system of training resources for the workplace – designed to increase the performance of your business by making it more “tech-savvy”. This regularly updated training focuses on how current and emerging tech can be applied to make businesses more efficient, agile and ‘connected’.


300 Digital Business School

A comprehensive and strategic program for business schools. This program offers a systematic approach to appreciating how existing and emerging digital tech. can be applied to enhance the value of businesses.


Through the TechXB Academy, you will have access to:

  • An integrated system of business education for executives, managers and entrepreneurs: focusing on how to create competitive advantage, in a fast-changing business landscape.
  • An integrated system of business education for the workplace focusing on how each individual in your company can contribute to the creation of a more efficient, connected and tech-oriented company.
  • Relevant examples of how new technologies have enabled success in other companies.

TechXB’s Academy can delivers valuable training packages covering all of the above, tailored to your needs as detailed below. TechXB’s Consulting services can also be delivered independently of, in parallel, or subsequent to any Academy package.