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Did you know that digital technology in business can channel growth easily, sustainably and resourcefully?

So what is digital technology?

Digital technology is all current and developing Internet-based technology, from social media to wearables, from apps to cloud computing and from Augmented Reality to the Internet of Things, among many others. All of these technologies are forging a place within the workplace at a pace that we are usually not conscious of. The business of the future is one that embraces these new forms of tech to stay ahead of the competitive game. Digital technology manifests itself as a multi-functional asset that has become a necessary tool for any type of business that seeks to secure a spot in both digital and traditional marketplaces.

How to make sense of what is happening in the fast-changing tech world? How to understand where to look, and which technology to discard? How is digital tech affecting your business right now? How will it affect your business in the future? How not to survive, but to create new competitive edge in a new business landscape? What used to be easily achieved by traditional websites has now switched towards the need for understanding the responsive and robust nature of the tools that digital technology offers. And that is exactly what we can do for you here at TechXB.
Our goal is to help you put your business in a strategic position via digital technology and show you what is really happening between you, your competitors and your customers. Through our different TechXB Academy course programmes, and our several Tech XB Consulting services, we provide the resources to keep you updated on the best digital tactics to not only increase competitive edge, but also to create new business advantage within a very fast-changing market.

Let us work with you how to take full advantage of the digital revolution.

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A Bible for Social Media

Nigel Warwick

It's a cliché, but this is a Bible for businesses interested in using social media. It contains all of the basics and all of the ideas, but at the same time proposes strategies and concrete systems to help you actually start implementing social media for whichever end result you need to...

Worth 100 times what you paid

Alex Mandossian

The Diagram on page 149 is worth 100 times what you paid for the book. Grab your mouse and get a few copies for yourself, your team (or family) before your competitors.

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